Why Is My Dolphin Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with your Dolphin, the most likely culprit is clogged filters. To prevent this, it’s important to clean the filters after each use. Don’t let them dry out before cleaning, as this can make it more difficult to remove debris. By regularly maintaining your Dolphin’s filters, you can ensure that it continues to function properly and efficiently.

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Why is my pool cleaner working but not moving?

If your pool cleaner is not moving, there could be a couple of reasons why. Firstly, it’s possible that it’s not plugged in properly or there’s an issue with the power supply. To check this, make sure the indicator light is on. If it is and the cleaner is still not moving, then the problem may lie with the cleaner itself.

Take a closer look at the cord and see if there are any rips or tears that could be causing a short circuit.

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How do I reset my Dolphin power supply?

To reset your electronic device, it’s recommended to turn off the power supply and wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on. This simple action can help resolve many issues that may arise due to technical glitches or errors. By turning off the power supply, you allow the device to cool down and reset any internal processes that may have been disrupted. Waiting for 30 seconds ensures that all residual power is drained from the device, which can help prevent any further issues.

Once you turn the power supply back on, the device should function normally again.

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Why is my Dolphin not climbing the walls?

If you find that your robotic pool cleaner is struggling to climb the walls or clean the waterline, it may be due to a lack of handle or insufficient cable length. Without a handle, it can be difficult for the robot to gain traction on the wall. Additionally, if there isn’t enough cable, the robot may not be able to reach the top of the wall and could be pulled back down. To avoid these issues, ensure that your robot has a handle and enough cable length to effectively clean your pool.

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Why does my Dolphin pool cleaner keep getting stuck?

If you’re having trouble with your Dolphin robot getting stuck in the deep end of your pool, there’s a simple solution to try. Remove the filters and run a 10-15 minute cycle to see if the robot performs better. However, be cautious and make sure there’s no debris in the pool that could damage the robot’s parts. If the robot works well without the filters, it’s time to replace them.

This quick fix can save you time and frustration in the long run.

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Why does my pool vacuum always get stuck?

When both the pool drain and cleaner are in use simultaneously, it can create a suction force that prevents the cleaner from moving forward. This is known as a suction lock, and it can cause the cleaner to remain stationary over the drain cover. It’s important to ensure that the pool cleaner is not obstructed by the drain and that the water flow is properly balanced to prevent this issue from occurring. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your pool cleaner is able to effectively clean your pool without any interruptions.

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How long does a Dolphin pool robot last?

With proper maintenance, the device can last anywhere from four to eight years, making it a worthwhile investment. While there are cheaper models available, they may not offer the same longevity. However, even these models can last up to three years with proper care.

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Can you leave a robotic pool cleaner in the pool all the time?

“`To ensure the longevity of your washing machine, it’s recommended to run the cycle only two to three times a week. Leaving the machine in the water for extended periods can expose it to the elements, which can cause the seals to deteriorate faster. This can lead to leaks and damage to the electronic components. Therefore, it’s best to avoid unnecessary exposure and take proper care of your washing machine to keep it running smoothly for years to come.


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Is it OK to leave robot in pool?

Robotic pool cleaners may seem like a convenient option, but they actually require more effort from the user. Unlike other types of pool cleaners, robotic cleaners need to be removed from the pool, rinsed off, and stored in a shaded, cool area out of the elements – ideally after every use. While this may seem like a hassle, it’s important to properly maintain your robotic cleaner to ensure it continues to function effectively and efficiently. Plus, the benefits of having a clean pool without the hassle of manual cleaning make it worth the extra effort.

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Can I leave my Dolphin pool cleaner in the pool overnight?

“`Although some models may have a weekly timer function that allows the unit to stay in the pool during use, it is not advisable to leave the cleaner in the pool for extended periods.“`

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How often should I run my Dolphin pool cleaner?

“`Maintaining a clean pool is essential for its longevity and your enjoyment. Depending on the season and usage, the frequency of running the pool cleaner may vary. During winter when the pool cover is on, it’s recommended to run the cleaner once a month to keep the pool free of debris. However, in summer when the pool is used frequently but covered when not in use, it’s best to run the cleaner at least twice a week to ensure the water remains clean and clear.


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What temperature should the water be for Dolphin pool cleaner?

The Dolphin pool cleaner is designed to work with water temperatures ranging from 43°F to 104°F. However, it is recommended to keep the water temperature between 70°F and 80°F for optimal performance. Water temperatures outside of this range may affect the cleaner’s ability to function properly and may cause damage to the unit. It is important to monitor the water temperature regularly and adjust it as needed to ensure the Dolphin pool cleaner operates efficiently.

Additionally, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and maintenance of the cleaner to prolong its lifespan.

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Should a Dolphin pool cleaner stay in water?

When it comes to maintaining your robot pool cleaner, the same rules apply to the Dolphin model. After each use, it’s important to remove the device from the water, rinse it thoroughly with a hose, and allow it to air dry. Once it’s dry, you can reset it and it will be ready for its next use. This simple maintenance routine will help ensure that your Dolphin pool cleaner continues to function properly and efficiently, keeping your pool sparkling clean all season long.

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How much electricity does a Dolphin pool cleaner use?

Did you know that modern pool cleaners powered by 24 volt DC motors can save you a significant amount of energy compared to their old-fashioned counterparts? In fact, these motors require 87% less energy to operate, which translates to lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint. For instance, the Premier Dolphin pool cleaner runs on just 180 watts, which means that it costs only 5 cents per hour to operate. By switching to a more energy-efficient pool cleaner, you can not only save money but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Will Dolphin pool cleaner clean algae?

The Dolphin Premier, in addition to Multi-Media™, is the sole Maytronics cleaner that comes with an Oversized Leaf Bag. If you have trouble with leaves in your pool, this robot is the perfect solution for you. The Premier’s motors are of commercial grade and can filter more than 4,500 gallons per hour, ensuring that your entire pool remains free of leaves, debris, and algae.

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Is chlorine bad for dolphins?

Water quality is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to the well-being of dolphins in captivity. The use of chlorine and other chemicals in traditional dolphin tanks can be harmful to their eyes and skin. According to former dolphinarium employees, dolphins often suffer from eye damage as a result of prolonged exposure to these chemicals and the harsh sun they cannot escape from. It is important to ensure that the water quality in dolphin tanks is closely monitored and maintained at a level that is safe and healthy for these intelligent creatures.

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Why does my pool vacuum get stuck in one spot?

If you find that your Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner is frequently getting stuck on one side of your pool, there are a couple of possible solutions. Firstly, if the hose is too short, you can purchase an additional length of hose and extend it to cover the entire pool. Alternatively, if the hose is constantly coiling and causing the cleaner to get stuck, you can try relaxing the hose or changing the way you store it to prevent it from coiling. By addressing these issues, you can ensure that your Kreepy Krauly is able to effectively clean your entire pool without getting stuck in one spot.

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Why does my pool cleaner keep getting tangled?

If you’re experiencing tangled hoses while cleaning your pool, it could be due to improper hose length. When the hose is too long, it can easily get tangled and become difficult to untangle with its swivels. To fix this issue, start by connecting the hose and walking around to the farthest point of your pool. This will help you determine the appropriate length needed for your hose.

By ensuring that your hose is the right length, you can avoid frustrating tangles and make pool cleaning a breeze.

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How do I stop my pool cleaner from getting stuck on the drain?

There are a few ways to prevent your pool cleaner from getting stuck on the drain. First, make sure the drain cover is securely in place and free of any debris. You can also adjust the water flow to ensure the cleaner doesn’t get stuck in one spot. Another option is to use a pool cleaner with a built-in anti-stick design, which will help it navigate around obstacles like drains.

Additionally, consider investing in a pool cleaner with a programmable steering system, which will allow it to change direction and avoid getting stuck in the same spot repeatedly. By taking these steps, you can ensure your pool cleaner operates smoothly and efficiently, without getting stuck on the drain.

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How do you keep Dolphin pool cleaner cord from tangling?

To prevent the Dolphin pool cleaner cord from tangling, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure the cord is fully extended before placing the cleaner in the pool. This will help prevent any kinks or knots from forming. Additionally, try to keep the cord as straight as possible while the cleaner is in use.

If you notice the cord starting to tangle, stop the cleaner and carefully untangle it before continuing. Another option is to use a cord cover or sleeve to help keep the cord organized and prevent tangling. Finally, when storing the cleaner, make sure to wrap the cord neatly and avoid any sharp bends or twists that could cause tangling.

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