Why Is My Spray Gun Spitting?

If you find that your paint gun is spitting or dripping paint, it could be due to a loose nozzle. “Spitting” occurs when the nozzle is not securely screwed into place. To resolve this issue, make sure to check if the nozzle is tightly screwed on. If it is not, simply tighten it properly.

However, if you have already checked the nozzle and it is securely fastened, it may be necessary to purchase a new nozzle.

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How do you stop sprayer from spitting?

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Why does my spray gun splutter?

5. Why is paint sputtering from my spray gun? This is a common problem and will usually mean that your nozzle simply isn’t on tight enough. Solution: Tighten nozzle on spray gun.

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Why does my spray paint keep splattering?

The two most common causes of spray paint splatter are pressure imbalance and improper spraying technique. When the pressure in the can is too low, the paint will dribble onto the workpiece. Too much pressure also causes the paint to squirt and splatter.

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Why is my airless spitting?

At some point, the pressure drops so much that it is no longer sufficient to spray the residual paint from the lance to the nozzle. This is when spits and splashes occur.

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