Why Is Mark Ramsey Leaving Moonshiners?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to the personal reasons behind Mark Ramsey’s departure from Moonshiners. However, it is common for individuals to leave a job or project for various reasons, such as pursuing new opportunities, personal reasons, or disagreements with colleagues. It is important to respect an individual’s decision to leave and focus on the positive contributions they made during their time with the team. Moonshiners will likely continue to produce quality content with or without Mark Ramsey, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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What has happened to Mark on Moonshiners?

Mark’s decade-long stint as a cast member on the show made him a prominent figure in the moonshine industry. Despite his independent work, he has also collaborated with established companies like Sugarlands Distilling Company to offer commercial versions of his popular moonshine blends.

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Did Mark from Moonshiners get busted?

Did Mike and Digger face legal consequences for their moonshining activities? Regrettably, the answer is yes. In an episode of “Moonshiners: Believe It or Not,” Mark and Digger revealed that they had rented a warehouse to produce moonshine during the colder months, but were eventually caught. This serves as a reminder that illegal activities can have serious repercussions.

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Did Jim Tom pass away?

Jim Tom, the beloved moonshiner from the hit TV show ‘Moonshiners’, is still alive and well. At 80 years old, he has shifted his focus to the legal production and distribution of his famous “Unaged Rye” whiskey. He has partnered with Sugarlands Distilling Co., owned by Kent Woods and Ned Vickers, and works alongside fellow moonshiners Mark and Digger.

While he may have left his illegal moonshining days behind, Jim Tom’s legacy lives on through his delicious and legal whiskey.

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What happened to diggers partner on Moonshiners?

Mark and his spouse, Sally Jane Clark, are the co-owners of the Sugarlands Distilling Company, where they work alongside their distilling partner, Digger. Although Sally has not been featured on Moonshiners, she plays a significant role behind the scenes in ensuring the company’s success.

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Who owns Sugarland distillery?

“`Sugarland distillery is owned by Ned Vickers, who founded the distillery in 2014 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Vickers is a fifth-generation Tennessean and has a passion for creating high-quality spirits using locally sourced ingredients. Sugarland distillery offers a variety of spirits, including moonshine, whiskey, and rum, and has won numerous awards for their products. In addition to producing spirits, the distillery also offers tours and tastings for visitors to learn more about the distilling process and the history of moonshine in the area.


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What happened to the fat boy on Moonshiners?

“`It is with great sadness that we share the news of Lance Waldroup’s passing on February 25, 2021 in North Carolina. Lance, a 30-year-old native of North Carolina, was a familiar face on the popular TV show MOONSHINERS, where he worked alongside his father Jeff. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Lance’s family and friends during this difficult time.“`

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How fake is Moonshiners?

The show depicts the characters’ endeavors in producing liquor, their methods of evading the law, and their personal lives. However, some local officials have disputed the show’s authenticity. According to Virginia authorities, the individuals featured in the show are not actually producing illegal liquor.

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Is Josh from Moonshiners sick?

“`Despite the heartbreak that fans felt upon hearing the news, false reports about Josh Owens’ passing began to spread on various social media platforms. However, these rumors have been proven to be untrue, and it has been confirmed that he is still alive. Nevertheless, it is important to note that he did suffer significant injuries as a result of the accident.“`

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Why is the head of Moonshiners throw away?

When it comes to distillation, it’s important to be aware of the potentially harmful components that can be present in the initial distillate. Acetone, methanol, and various esters are examples of volatile components that can be undesirable due to their negative effects on health. For instance, methanol has been linked to blindness. To avoid these risks, it’s common practice to discard the first portion of the distillate.

This way, you can eliminate any harmful substances and ensure a safer end product.

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Is Moonshiners all staged?

If you’ve ever stumbled upon the popular TV show “Moonshiners” or have been a dedicated viewer for years, you may have wondered if what you’re seeing is real. The truth is, it’s not. This is simply a television show and not an accurate representation of reality. Whether you came across it by chance or have been a loyal fan, it’s important to remember that what you see on TV is often scripted and edited for entertainment purposes.

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Why was Josh from Moonshiners in jail?

A man from Alabama, who gained fame on reality TV for producing moonshine, was taken into custody on Monday evening for charges related to alcohol.

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How much of Moonshiners is staged?

It’s no surprise that a reality TV show like Moonshiners portrays real-life scenarios. The equipment used on the show is the same as what actual moonshiners would use. Additionally, the tactics they use to avoid getting caught by law enforcement are likely similar to those used by real moonshiners.

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What happened to Tim’s neck on Moonshiners?

Upon examination, it was evident that the right side of his neck was inflamed and sensitive to pressure. Following a recommendation from a colleague in the firefighting department, he decided to seek medical attention at the emergency room. After undergoing a thorough evaluation, he was informed that he had developed a blood clot.

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How does Moonshiners get away with being on TV?

“It’s non-taxed; that’s pretty much the only reason it’s illegal,” said the speaker. However, Tim disagreed, stating that there wasn’t a significant fear surrounding the substance. Instead, he believed that the government’s inability to track and account for the money was the primary reason for its illegality.

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Who went legal on Moonshiners?

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What happened to Chico and Sandra on Moonshiners?

It appears that the couple has made a conscious decision to prioritize their family over reality television, but that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their passion for whisky-making. Chico has teamed up with Olde Towne Distillery to create a unique blend of white whisky and bourbon, resulting in the creation of Spirit Whisky.

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What did Chico from Moonshiners go to jail for?

It’s unfortunate that one of the cast members of the show committed suicide just before his prison sentence was set to begin. However, it’s not uncommon for other cast members to have run-ins with the law. Steven Ray Tickle has been arrested multiple times, while Josh Owens lost his trailer in a fire. Chico was also allegedly arrested for DUI in 2015.

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Is Jeff and Lance still on Moonshiners?

The fans of the show Moonshiners were fond of the father-son duo who were a part of the show for six seasons. However, they were noticeably absent in season 8, which left many viewers wondering about their whereabouts. Unfortunately, on March 2, 2021, the official Facebook page of Moonshiners announced the heartbreaking news of Lance’s passing.

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Who passed away on Moonshiners?

“`It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of Lance Waldroup, a daring distiller who captured the hearts of viewers during his appearances on Moonshiners alongside his father. His absence will be deeply felt. Lance, who was only 30 years old, was a beloved member of the show’s cast and a fan favorite. He worked alongside his father Jeff and other stars of the Discovery series, showcasing his skills as a talented shiner.


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