Why Is Five Guys Temporarily Closed?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the recent circuit breaker measures, we have made the decision to temporarily close our store for a few days. During this time, we will be conducting a thorough deep cleaning and sanitization of our premises to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. We understand that our loyal patrons may be disappointed, but we promise to return to the grill as soon as possible, ready to serve up our delicious burgers and fries once again. Thank you for your understanding and continued support during these challenging times.

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Why is Five Guys closing in Texas?

“`Due to non-compliance with state tax laws, Five Guys Burgers and Fries remains closed since the state ordered its shutdown earlier this week. The eatery failed to remit sales tax to the Texas Comptroller, which is mandatory by law.“`

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Did Five Guys get bought out?

Since 1986, the ownership of Five Guys has remained within the Murrell family. The five brothers, along with their parents, continue to oversee and operate the business despite its significant expansion. However, they do not manage everything alone. With around 5,000 employees across their various locations and corporate offices, they have a dedicated team supporting them.

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Have Five Guys stopped peanuts?

With safety being a top priority, we have made changes to our restaurant policies regarding peanuts. While we still offer peanuts as a menu item, we have taken measures to ensure they are not easily accessible in public dining areas. This enhanced safety measure aims to prevent any potential allergic reactions and provide peace of mind for our customers.

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Why is Five Guys called Five Guys?

The Murrell family faced a unique decision when it came to their sons’ futures. Rather than pushing them towards higher education, they gave them the option to start a business. The five brothers ultimately chose to pursue entrepreneurship, leading to the creation of the first Five Guys restaurant. The name of the establishment pays homage to the siblings who founded it, showcasing the family’s close bond and commitment to working together.

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Why do Five Guys give extra fries?

Have you ever been surprised by the amount of fries you receive at Five Guys? It may seem like you’re getting an extra scoop, but in reality, it’s just a clever illusion. Five Guys employees are trained to give customers more fries than they expect, making them feel like they’re getting a great deal. This tactic is just one example of how businesses use psychology to influence consumer behavior. By understanding these tactics, we can make more informed decisions when it comes to our purchases.

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Why is Five Guys to expensive?

It’s no secret that the prices at some food stores can be higher than others, but one reason for this is the ability for customers to customize their orders. Additionally, these stores prioritize using fresh ingredients in their meals. According to Iain, a representative for one of these stores, customer choice is a top priority. By giving consumers control over their orders, they hope to provide a more satisfying experience overall.

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Should I tip at Five Guys?

According to experts, tipping is not necessary at fast-food restaurants like Five Guys if there is no personal interaction with the employees. However, if the staff goes out of their way to provide exceptional service, like rushing an order or fulfilling a special request, it is appropriate to leave a small tip of 5-10%.

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What is the most expensive burger at Five Guys?

If you’re looking for a burger that’s a bit more indulgent, Five Guys’ Bacon Cheeseburger might be just what you need. While their “Little Hamburger” may only set you back $8.19, this burger is definitely on the pricier side at $12.69.

It’s worth noting that this burger comes with two patties by default, so you’re definitely getting a lot of meat for your money. If you’re willing to splurge a bit, this burger is sure to satisfy your cravings.

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What quality meat is Five Guys?

At Five Guys, we take pride in using only the best quality ingredients for our burgers. Our ground beef is made from 80/20 ground chuck, which is a high-quality blend of steer and heifer meat. We never use cow meat or fatty trimmings in our burgers. Additionally, we do not use any ammoniated procedures to treat our ground beef, which means that there is absolutely no “pink slime” in our burgers.

We believe that our commitment to using only the best ingredients is what sets us apart and makes our burgers so delicious.

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Why are Five Guys fries so unhealthy?

“`If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, you might want to reconsider grabbing a side of Five Guys fries. Surprisingly, even their smallest size, the Little Fries, contains a high amount of calories and fat with 526 and 23 grams, respectively. The Large Fry is even more concerning, with an astonishing 1,314 calories, 57 grams of fat, and 1,327 milligrams of sodium. It’s important to be mindful of the nutritional value of the food we consume, especially when it comes to fast food options.


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What is the unhealthiest burger at Five Guys?

According to Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist and author at Fit Healthy Momma, the Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys is the highest-calorie burger on their menu. However, she warns that it is also loaded with unhealthy saturated and total fat, as well as an excessive amount of sodium that exceeds our daily recommended intake. It’s important to be mindful of the nutritional content of our meals, especially when dining out, to make healthier choices for our overall well-being.

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Does Five Guys use pink slime?

It’s reassuring to know that Five Guys burgers are free from pink slime, a low-cost additive that’s commonly used to bulk up meat products. Pink slime is created by combining the meat scraps and fat that are removed from beef cuts during processing.

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Is pink slime illegal?

The use of ammonia gas in the preparation of this product has resulted in its prohibition for human consumption in both the European Union and Canada.

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Is pink slime unhealthy?

To put it differently, Lean Finely Textured Beef, also known as ‘pink slime’, may have a negative reputation, but it is actually a safe food to consume.

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What is the jellyfish in ground beef?

“What exactly is “pink slime?” This term is commonly used to refer to Lean Finely Textured Beef (LFTB). LFTB is made up of smaller pieces of lean meat that are added to ground beef in order to create a leaner product that utilizes as much of the animal’s meat as possible.

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What is the meaning of Five Guys?

The famous fast-food chain, Five Guys, owes its name to the founder Jerry Murrell’s five sons – Jim, Matt, Chad, Ben, and Tyler. Initially, the name referred to Jerry and his first four sons, but Tyler’s birth disrupted the pattern. Nevertheless, each of the five sons plays a unique role in the company’s success.

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Who were the 5 guys that started 5 guys?

The five guys who started the popular fast-food chain, 5 Guys, are Jerry Murrell and his four sons: Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben. The first 5 Guys restaurant was opened in Arlington, Virginia in 1986, and since then, the chain has expanded to over 1,500 locations worldwide. The Murrell family’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and offering customizable burgers and fries has helped make 5 Guys a favorite among fast-food enthusiasts. Despite its rapid growth, the company remains family-owned and operated, with a focus on providing a simple, delicious dining experience for its customers.

What is the story behind Five Guys?

Since 1986, Five Guys has been a beloved establishment in the Washington, DC area. The Murrell family, led by Jerry and Janie, encouraged their four sons to either start a business or attend college. Opting for the former, the family opened a burger joint in Arlington, Virginia, which quickly became a local favorite. Today, Five Guys has expanded to over 1,000 locations worldwide, but still maintains its commitment to serving high-quality burgers and fries.

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Can Muslims eat Five Guys?

Five Guys offers halal meat in some of their locations. Although Five Guys does not provide halal meat in the UK, USA, and most other locations, they do offer halal meat on their menu in the Middle East. This means that customers who follow a halal diet can enjoy their burgers and other menu items without compromising their beliefs. It’s important to note that not all Five Guys locations offer halal meat, so it’s best to check with your local restaurant before ordering.

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