Why Do Cadians Have Purple Eyes?

The inhabitants of Cadia in the 41st Millennium were known for their height and sturdy physique. It is believed that the presence of the Eye of Terror in close proximity to the planet caused a genetic mutation in the original population, resulting in the emergence of a new line of Cadians with violet eyes. This theory is supported by the fact that these untainted Imperial stock Cadians also possessed this unique trait.

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What color are cadians eyes?

It is interesting to note that a significant number of Cadia’s population have purple eyes, which is a result of their genetic heritage. This unique trait adds to the diversity and beauty of the planet’s inhabitants.

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Why did Valyrians have purple eyes?

“`Valyrians were known for their distinct physical features, such as eyes in shades of purple and hair of silver-gold or platinum white. These traits were common among Valyrians and were considered as evidence that they were not entirely of the same blood as other humans.“`

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How does Karliah have purple eyes?


The protagonist has a strong dependence on the substance known as Melange, also referred to as the spice. However, due to the unique physical characteristics of the dunmer race, her eyes appear purple instead of the expected blue hue.

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Are Targaryens supposed to have purple eyes?

The purple eyes of Targaryens are a result of their Valyrian ancestry. Although the books do not provide a clear explanation for why Valyrians had purple or violet eyes, it is believed to be connected to the mystical powers that the Old Valyrians possessed, which allowed them to control dragons.

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Why is Jon Snow’s hair not white?

It’s been speculated that Jon Snow’s hair color is not the typical silver of a Targaryen because he is not a “pure-blood.” His mother, Lyanna Stark, had dark auburn hair that closely resembles Jon’s. This explanation has been widely accepted by fans as a plausible reason for Jon’s hair color.

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Why aren t all Targaryens blonde?

According to fan theories, it was believed that the Targaryen genes were recessive. However, in cases where a Targaryen male had children with a non-Valyrian mother, their first child would have darker features, while the subsequent offspring would have blonde hair. This suggests that the Targaryen genes may not be entirely recessive and can manifest in different ways depending on the genetic makeup of the other parent. While this is purely speculative, it adds an interesting layer to the genetics of the Targaryen family in the world of Game of Thrones.

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Why did they make black Targaryens?

The showrunners, Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, made a conscious decision to portray the wealthiest family in Westeros as Black. This decision was made in response to the criticism that Game of Thrones received for its lack of diversity. They recognized that the world has changed significantly in the past decade since the show first aired, and it was important to reflect that change in their casting choices.

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Why is Velaryon black?

“`The setting of the show is another factor that supports the inclusion of Black Velaryons. Valyria, the continent where they originate from, was a vast and populous nation with a diverse population. Therefore, it is logical to assume that there would have been a lineage of Black Velaryons in the story.“`

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Why don’t Rhaenyra’s children have white hair?

It’s not directly mentioned in the series, but it’s heavily suggested that the three boys are actually the offspring of Ser Harwin Strong, the Lord Commander of the City Watch. This is because we find out in episode six that all three boys have dark brown hair, which is different from Rhaenyra and Laenor’s matching blonde locks.

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Who is Rhaenyra’s baby daddy?

Jacaerys, the firstborn son of Rhaenyra, along with his two younger siblings, have been subjected to rumors that their biological father is actually Ser Harwin Strong. Despite their young age, these whispers have likely caused confusion and emotional distress for the children.

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Why do Targaryens go mad?

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It is well-known that House Targaryen has a history of mental instability, which is believed to be linked to their practice of inbreeding. For over three centuries, they married siblings to maintain their bloodline’s purity, resulting in numerous medical issues, including mental health problems. Studies have shown that inbreeding can increase the likelihood of genetic disorders, including those affecting the brain. Therefore, it is not surprising that House Targaryen’s members have struggled with mental instability throughout their history.


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Why are Rhaenyra’s sons weak?

It’s no coincidence that the actors playing Aegon and Aemond are in their twenties, while those portraying Jace and Luke are in their teens. This age difference is intentional and reflects the characters’ respective stages of development. Additionally, it’s clear that Aegon and Aemond are receiving combat training from Criston, which sets them apart from the younger boys.

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Who did Rhaenyra lose her virginity to?

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Who killed Daemon Targaryen?

During the intense Battle Above the Gods Eye, Daemon bravely fought against Aemond while riding on his dragon, Caraxes. In a daring move, he plunged from his mount and used his sword, Dark Sister, to stab Aemond’s remaining eye. The two dragons then crashed into the Gods Eye, resulting in Vhagar drowning with Aemond’s body still chained to the saddle. Caraxes also perished on the shore, marking the end of the epic battle.

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Is Daemon Targaryen impotent?

“`Daemon’s inability to perform sexually reveals a relatable human frailty. It demonstrates that he is not invincible and has his own doubts and fears. This aspect of his character adds depth to his portrayal beyond the legendary “Rogue Prince” persona created by George R.R.

Martin. It highlights his struggle to form a genuine emotional bond with another person, which is a universal experience.“`

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Does Rhaenyra Targaryen have purple eyes?

It was a common trait among the Targaryen family to have purple eyes. This distinct feature was often associated with their Valyrian ancestry and was considered a mark of their noble bloodline. In the world of Game of Thrones, the Targaryens were known for their dragon-riding abilities and their powerful influence over the Seven Kingdoms. While purple eyes may not have any real-world significance, it was a defining characteristic of this fictional family and added to the richness of their story.

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Will House of the Dragon have purple eyes?

In the upcoming series, which takes place during the Targaryen dynasty, viewers will be introduced to House Velaryon. This house is described in the book as having distinct physical features such as pale skin and purple eyes, and their symbol is a silver seahorse. It will be interesting to see how this house is portrayed on screen and how they fit into the larger narrative of the show.

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What the Targaryens are supposed to look like?

The physical characteristics of the Targaryens are reminiscent of the Valyrians, with their fair skin, hair in shades of silver, platinum, or gold, and eyes in hues of purple or light blue. While they may have a slightly higher tolerance for heat than the average person, they are not impervious to fire.

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What color are Rhaenys Targaryens eyes?

Rhaenys, the queen, possesses distinct physical traits that are a result of her powerful Valyrian ancestry. Her hair is a striking silver-gold color, which is a hallmark of her lineage. Additionally, her eyes are a unique blend of lilac and blue, and their color shifts depending on the lighting conditions throughout the day.

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