Why Did Troy Cheat On Rose?

As Troy contemplates his actions, he shares with Rose that he had an affair because he felt trapped and exhausted from being in the same place for nearly two decades (Wilson 2.1).

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How did Troy cheat on Rose?

Yes, it is true that Troy cheats on his wife, Rose, in the play Fences. He engages in an extramarital affair with his mistress, Alberta, which results in the birth of a child. When Troy discovers the news, he is forced to confess his infidelity to Rose. This revelation causes significant turmoil and strain in their marriage, ultimately leading to its dissolution.

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Who is Troy cheating on Rose with?

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Does Troy regret cheating on Rose?

At this pivotal moment in the play, Troy reveals his infidelity with Alberta and the impending arrival of their child. This revelation has a profound impact on the entire family, leading to significant changes in their lives. Up until this point, Rose had been aware of Troy’s flaws, bitterness, and remorse, but had accepted them as part of their relationship and her dependence on him.

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How does Rose feel after Troy cheats?

When Troy reveals to Rose that he got another woman pregnant, she is taken aback and struggles to comprehend the situation. Despite Troy’s past history of having many admirers before their marriage, Rose never expected him to cheat on her. However, she recognizes that humans are fallible and capable of making mistakes, even if it is difficult to accept.

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Does Rose ever forgive Troy?

In the play, the tension builds up until the moment when Troy’s infidelity is exposed. At this point, both his wife Rose and son Cory are faced with a difficult decision: whether to forgive or hold onto resentment. Rose chooses to forgive Troy and even raises his mistress’s child as her own. On the other hand, Cory finds it hard to forgive his father for his repeated wrongdoings.

This climactic moment highlights the complex nature of forgiveness and the different ways in which people respond to betrayal.

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Does Troy really love Rose?

Troy’s love for Rose hasn’t diminished, but after being married for eighteen years, he has started to overlook her. Bono is attempting to rekindle the admiration Troy had for Rose during the early stages of their relationship.

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Who was Helen of Troy’s true love?

“`Helen and her husband Menelaus were spending a day at their palace in Sparta when Paris arrived. Following the ancient Greek tradition of hospitality, they welcomed him and provided him with food, shelter, and gifts. It was during this time that Paris and Helen fell deeply in love with each other.“`

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How many years were Troy and Rose together?

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How many kids does Troy and Rose have?

Troy is a family man who is married to Rose and has three children named Lyons, Cory, and Raynell. He is also a brother to Gabriel.

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Is Rose Troy’s first wife?

ROSE: Troy’s second wife, Rose, is a devoted housewife who married him after his release from prison. At 43 years old, she is the mother of their youngest son, Corey, and makes it a priority to attend Church regularly. Despite the challenges she faces as a wife and mother, Rose remains committed to her family and her faith.

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Why does Rose not leave Troy?

Troy’s behavior is characterized by sexual recklessness, including cheating and impregnating another woman. In contrast, Rose feels constrained by societal expectations and avoids leaving her house without a valid reason to avoid perpetuating the harmful stereotype of African American women as sexually promiscuous.

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Did Rose and Troy divorce?

Throughout the remainder of the play, it becomes evident that the couple is completely disconnected. Although Rose continues to leave food in the kitchen for Troy and he still takes care of the bills, their emotional connection has been severed. Troy has lost the affectionate partner he once had, and it’s apparent that Rose has moved on from their relationship.

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Does Troy abuse Rose in Fences?

Troy’s character in the play Fences may not always be likable, but it’s important to note that he doesn’t physically or emotionally harm Rose. That being said, he does engage in infidelity and ends up fathering a child with another woman.

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Who raises Troy and Alberta’s baby?

After several months, the baby finally arrives, but the joy is short-lived as Alberta passes away during childbirth. Troy is left to raise their daughter, Raynell, on his own. However, Rose steps in and offers to raise the child as her own, but she cannot forgive Troy for his infidelity and refuses to take him back. The family is left to navigate the aftermath of this tragedy and the consequences of Troy’s actions.

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Why does Troy say he married Rose?

In the play Fences by August Wilson, Rose tells Troy that she has married him because she thought that she would be able to change him.

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How does Rose feel about Troy’s betrayal?

As she confides in Troy, Rose reveals that she had a deep devotion to him that was rooted in her own personal sacrifice of her desires. However, adultery has undone and betrayed this sacrifice, which conflicts with Rose’s strong sense of moral duty. It is clear that unlike Troy, Rose places a great deal of importance on upholding her moral obligations, and the act of adultery has caused her a great deal of inner turmoil.

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What happened to Troy and Rose relationship in Fences?

As a mother, Rose has an innate desire to nurture and care for her child. Her compassion is even more apparent given the fact that she is the product of her husband’s infidelity. However, when she agrees to take care of the baby, it creates a rift between her and Troy. Throughout the play, we witness their complete estrangement.

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What happens between Troy and Rose in Fences?

In the play Fences, Troy’s treatment of Rose is far from ideal. Despite Rose’s efforts to stand up for herself and call out Troy’s inappropriate behavior, he continues to mistreat her. This is evident in his infidelity, as he cheats on Rose and fathers a child with his mistress. Despite Rose’s strength and resilience, Troy’s actions have a significant impact on her well-being and highlight the damaging effects of infidelity in relationships.

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What did Rose say when taking the baby from Troy?

After careful consideration, Rose comes to the conclusion that the baby is not at fault for Troy’s wrongdoings. She firmly believes that it is unfair to hold the child responsible for the actions of their father. Rose acknowledges that the baby has a mother and takes on the responsibility of raising the child as her own. However, she cannot bring herself to forgive Troy for his betrayal and chooses not to continue their partnership.

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