Why Did Sharon Johnson Leave Witn?

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What happened to the morning anchor on WITN?

Morning anchor Hannah Jeffries recently bid farewell to her position at WITN, the NBC affiliate in Greenville, N.C. In a heartfelt Facebook post, Jeffries cited her religious beliefs as the reason for her departure from local TV. After three years and three promotions, she found herself feeling disconnected from the person she saw in the mirror.

While it may have been a difficult decision, Jeffries’ commitment to her faith ultimately led her to pursue a new path.

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Who is the new anchor on WITN?

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Who is chief meteorologist at WITN Channel 7?

Zach became a part of the WITN team in December of 2022, taking on the role of Chief Meteorologist.

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Is Stacia Strong leaving WITN?

As Stacia bids farewell to WITN, she remains rooted in Eastern Carolina, which she considers her home. She plans to work with a local nonprofit organization, and we extend our best wishes to her for all her future endeavors. We appreciate all that Stacia has done during her time with us, and we are grateful for her contributions. Many others share our sentiments, as evidenced by the 321 likes and Doris Ray’s comment.

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What happened to Stacia Strong?

Stacia Strong, a journalist, has recently taken on the role of Communications Director for the North Carolina Coastal Federation, a non-profit organization founded in 1982 with the aim of safeguarding and revitalizing the North Carolina coastline. The Coastal Review is a publication produced by the federation.

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Is Clayton Bauman still with WITN?

Clayton Bauman is a familiar face at WITN, having joined the team in 2008 after graduating from ECU (Go Pirates!). He is responsible for anchoring the 5:00 p.m. newscast and producing the 11:00 p.

m. show. As the son of a retired Marine, Clayton has lived in various locations along the East Coast, but he has always felt a strong connection to Eastern Carolina, which he considers his home.

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Is Dave Jordan of WITN married?

Stephanie, who was married to WITN’s Dave Jordan, will be remembered by loved ones at a visitation on Friday evening. The gathering will take place from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at Paul Funeral Home, located at 900 John Small Avenue in Washington.

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Who is Jeff Bauman married to?

Jeff Bauman is married to Erin Hurley. The couple got married in 2014, a year after the Boston Marathon bombing that Jeff survived. Erin was Jeff’s girlfriend at the time of the bombing and was present during his recovery process. Their love story was depicted in the movie “Stronger,” which was based on Jeff’s memoir of the same name.

Jeff and Erin have two daughters together and continue to inspire others with their resilience and love for each other.

Does WITN have a chief meteorologist?

After graduating from North Carolina State University in 1987 with a BS degree in Meteorology, Phillip was recognized as the Outstanding Graduating Senior in Meteorology. He went on to become the chief meteorologist at the CBS station in Greenville just one year later in 1988.

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Why is Philip Williams leaving WITN?

After serving as the chief meteorologist for the CBS station in Greenville for over two decades, Phillip made the move to join WITN’s weather team in 2011. However, after several years of forecasting the weather, Phillip has decided to shift his focus to his real estate business. While the WITN team will miss him, they are glad to know that he will still be a part of the Eastern Carolina community.

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What happened to Russell on WITN?

During the years 2020 to 2022, he decided to pursue a Master of Science degree in Geography with a focus on Tropical Meteorology and Atmospheric Circulations at ECU. This shows his dedication to furthering his education and expertise in his field.

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What happened to Matt Engelbrecht?

After more than a decade with us, Matt is bidding farewell to the WITN family to be closer to his loved ones in Michigan. He will be taking on the role of chief meteorologist at our sister station, WNDU, located in South Bend, Indiana. Matt has been an integral part of our team, and we will miss his infectious laughter and the many fond memories we’ve shared. We wish him all the best in his new adventure and know that he will continue to excel in his career.

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Who is the new weather guy on WNDU?

Matt Engelbrecht has always been passionate about weather and science communication. He has spent a considerable amount of time searching for the perfect way to merge these two interests.

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Where is Matt from WNDU?


“`In April 2023, Matt’s career in broadcast meteorology is thriving. He has been consistently growing and excelling in his field, earning an Emmy nomination for his work on WNDU’s 16 Morning News Now in South Bend, Indiana. Seeking new opportunities, he made the move to Memphis, Tennessee to join the Severe Weather Team at FOX 13. With his expertise and passion for weather forecasting, Matt is sure to continue making a positive impact in the industry.


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Who is Matt Engelbrecht’s wife?

Exciting news! Matt Engelbrecht, the Chief Meteorologist at WITN, and his wife Michelle are celebrating a special occasion. It’s always heartwarming to hear about happy news, and this is no exception. Let’s extend our congratulations to the happy couple!

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Who are the meteorologist on WLOS?

The meteorologists on WLOS are Ingrid Allstaedt, Julie Wunder, and Christy Henderson. Allstaedt has been with the station since 2003 and has a degree in meteorology from Penn State University. Wunder joined the team in 2016 and has a degree in meteorology from the University of Georgia. Henderson has been with WLOS since 2018 and has a degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Together, they provide accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts for the Western North Carolina region.

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Who is the meteorologist for wcax?

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Who is the general manager of WITN TV?

Ron Henslee is a highly accomplished professional who currently serves as the Vice President and General Manager of WITN-TV. With years of experience in the media industry, Ron has developed a reputation for his exceptional leadership skills and his ability to drive growth and success. He is a strategic thinker who is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve operations and deliver value to customers. Ron is also known for his strong work ethic and his commitment to excellence, which has helped him achieve great success throughout his career.

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Who is the meteorologist for Charlotte North Carolina?

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