Why Did Chriselle And Allen Separate?

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What happened to Chrishell and Allen?

Amidst the challenges of life, divorce can be a difficult and emotional experience. In 2021, fashion designer, Jenni Kayne’s separation from her husband Allen Chen, with whom she shares two daughters, Chloé and Colette, was a significant change in her life. However, she found support from her parents, who sold their house and moved in with her in Los Angeles to help with the girls. As Lim says, no one ever plans to get divorced, but it’s essential to have a support system during challenging times.

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What happened to Chriselle and husband?

It was in the Spring of 2021 when Chriselle Lim decided to file for divorce from her husband, Allen Chen, in Los Angeles, California. Despite being married to Lim, Chen has managed to keep a low profile and avoid the media attention that his soon-to-be ex-wife has received. Not much is known about Chen, except that he and Lim first met in 2008 through mutual friends.

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Are Chriselle Lim and Allen Chen still married?

Lim’s personal life has been marked by her marriage to Allen Chen in 2012, with whom she had two daughters. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2021, which has undoubtedly been a difficult time for Lim and her family. Despite this, Lim has continued to focus on her career and has remained a respected figure in her field. While her personal life may have had its challenges, Lim’s professional achievements are a testament to her dedication and hard work.

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Why is Chriselle Lim famous?

Chriselle Lim, also known as The Chriselle Factor, is a trailblazer in the world of digital fashion content. She initially made a name for herself as a stylist, but later transitioned into blogging and creating videos on YouTube. Her unique approach to fashion and beauty has earned her recognition and a loyal following.

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Who owns Phlur?

“`Phlur“` is a fragrance company that offers sustainable and eco-friendly perfumes. The company was founded by Eric Korman in 2015. However, in 2020, Phlur was acquired by the luxury fashion and beauty conglomerate, LVMH. LVMH is the parent company of several well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Sephora.

Despite the acquisition, Phlur continues to operate independently and maintain its commitment to sustainability and transparency in the fragrance industry.

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Who owns Bumo?

Chriselle Lim and Joan Nguyen have come up with a unique concept for a coworking space and virtual classroom that caters to parents with young children. Bümo offers a solution for parents who struggle to balance work and childcare by providing a safe and stimulating environment for children while their parents work. Bümo also offers virtual classes for children, allowing them to learn and socialize with other kids from the comfort of their own home. This innovative approach to coworking and education has the potential to revolutionize the way parents work and educate their children.

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How much does BumoWork cost?

BumoWork has recently introduced a new program that caters to the needs of working parents and their children. This program offers both full-time and part-time options, allowing parents to balance their work and family responsibilities. The part-time schedule requires only 20 hours of work per week and costs $540 per month (inaugural rate), while the full-time schedule requires 40 hours of work per week and costs $980 per month (inaugural rate). This program is designed to provide a flexible and affordable solution for working parents who are looking for a supportive and nurturing environment for their children while they work.

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Who is the founder of BumoWork?

As a mother of two girls, co-founder of BumoBrain & BumoWork, and a fashion/beauty content creator for over a decade, I’m Chriselle Lim. With my experience, I’ve come to realize the importance of stress relief in our daily lives. That’s why I want to share with you the benefits of meditation. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

So, if you’re an adult experiencing high levels of stress, keep reading to learn how meditation can help you.

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