Why Are Blackstone Griddles So Popular?

“`The Blackstone Griddle is a popular choice for people worldwide, and its versatility is one of its most significant benefits. Cooking on the griddle is a breeze, and you can prepare a wide variety of dishes. It’s an excellent option for cooking for large groups of people. Simply turn on the gas and preheat the griddle before you start cooking, and you’re good to go.


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What is so special about Blackstone?

The griddles in question are crafted from top-notch materials, with a solid steel griddle top being a standout feature. Additionally, they are designed to be a breeze to clean, thanks to a patented rear grease management system. This means that these griddles are built to last and can be used season after season without any issues.

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Why do people like Blackstone grills so much?

Blackstone offers a range of griddle styles to suit different preferences, but they all share a common feature: a flat-top surface crafted from cold-rolled steel. This material is perfect for ensuring that heat is distributed evenly and cooking is controlled. It’s this quality that has contributed to the Blackstone Griddle’s popularity on the internet. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice cook, the Blackstone Griddle can help you achieve delicious and consistent results every time.

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When did Blackstone griddles become popular?

In 2008, the vision of achieving culinary greatness and excellence became a reality with the introduction of our cornerstone product, the 36” Blackstone Griddle. This marked the beginning of our journey in the world of griddle cooking, and since then, we have made significant strides in both our product line and expertise. Our commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to expand our range of products and become a trusted name in the griddle cooking industry.

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How popular are Blackstone griddles?

According to Blackstone, their griddle is a popular choice among customers, with 92% of them using it more than once a month. This is significantly higher than the usage rate of their gas and pellet grills, which only 58% of customers use more than once a month. Additionally, a whopping 67% of Blackstone griddle owners use it more than once a week, indicating its high level of convenience and versatility in cooking.

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How long will a Blackstone grill last?

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you know how important it is to have a reliable cooking machine. With proper care, your dream machine can last for up to 20 years! However, cleaning up after cooking can be a hassle. Luckily, there are expert tips that can help you keep your griddle in tip-top shape, whether it’s a portable tabletop or a full-service backyard Blackstone beauty. By following these tips, you can make the cleanup process as effortless as preparing your meals.

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Do Blackstone grills rust easily?

“`If you’re looking for a griddle that can withstand the test of time, the Blackstone griddle is a great option. It’s designed to be rust-resistant, which means it can last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear. However, as with any appliance, the griddle may become more prone to rust as it ages. This type of rust is a natural result of the grill’s wear and tear over time.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to take good care of your griddle and treat it regularly to keep it in top condition.“`

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Can you leave a Blackstone griddle outside in the winter?

Yes, it is possible to store a Blackstone Griddle outside. However, it is important to take precautions to prevent rusting caused by exposure to natural elements. To keep your Blackstone Griddle in good condition, it is recommended to cover it with a weather-resistant cover when not in use. Additionally, you should avoid leaving it in areas where it may be exposed to rain, snow, or other forms of moisture.

By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your Blackstone Griddle remains in top condition and ready to use whenever you need it.

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Can you ruin a Blackstone griddle?

It is possible to damage a Blackstone griddle if not properly cared for. Exposing the griddle to rain or moisture can cause rust to form, which can lead to further damage if not addressed promptly. Additionally, placing heavy objects on the griddle plate can cause it to become damaged. To ensure the longevity of your griddle, it is important to keep it dry and avoid placing heavy items on the cooking surface.

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What can I put on Blackstone to keep it from rusting?

To prevent rust from forming on your griddle top, it’s important to season it with a protective coating. You can use any type of cooking oil, but flax oil or extra virgin olive oil are particularly effective as they bind more tightly to the metal. By seasoning your griddle top, you’ll not only extend its lifespan but also ensure that your food cooks evenly and doesn’t stick to the surface.

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Can you restore a rusted Blackstone?

“`Restoring a rusted Blackstone is possible, but it requires some effort and patience. The first step is to remove the rust using a wire brush or sandpaper. Once the rust is removed, clean the surface with soap and water, and let it dry completely. Apply a rust converter to prevent further rusting.

Then, use a primer to prepare the surface for painting. Finally, apply a coat of paint that is suitable for metal surfaces. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each product used. With proper care and maintenance, a restored Blackstone can last for many years.


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What do you spray on Blackstone while cooking?

If you’re a fan of using cooking oils on your griddle top, you’ll be happy to know that liquid cooking oils are always an option. However, if you’re looking for a more convenient option, Blackstone offers a Griddle Spray that can be found at Walmart and Lowe’s. What sets our spray apart is that it was specifically formulated without any additives that could potentially harm your griddle top. So, whether you prefer liquid oils or sprays, we’ve got you covered with a safe and effective option for your cooking needs.

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Can you use a Blackstone griddle in the winter?

Yes, you can use a Blackstone griddle in the winter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to keep the griddle clean and dry to prevent rusting. Second, consider using a wind guard to protect the flames from gusts of wind.

Third, be aware that colder temperatures may affect cooking times and require adjustments to the heat settings. Finally, dress appropriately for the weather and consider using gloves or mitts to protect your hands from the cold metal surface of the griddle. With these precautions in mind, you can enjoy delicious outdoor cooking on your Blackstone griddle all year round.

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What not to do with a Blackstone griddle?

If you want to keep your Blackstone flat-top grill looking shiny and new, it’s important to protect it from rust-causing elements. Exposure to these elements can turn your once-black cooktop into a dull, brownish surface. To prevent rust, it’s best to store your grill in a cool, dry place. Avoid areas that are damp, as moisture can accelerate the rusting process.

Additionally, it’s important to keep your propane tank away from heat sources, as this can be dangerous. By taking these precautions, you can help extend the life of your grill and keep it looking great for years to come.

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Should you season your Blackstone every year?

“`Maintaining Your Blackstone Griddle: If you want a dark and well-seasoned griddle top, the best way to achieve this is by cooking on it regularly. This will help build up a layer of seasoning that will protect the surface and prevent food from sticking. However, it’s important to re-season your Blackstone griddle from time to time to keep it in top condition. This will involve cleaning the surface thoroughly and then applying a layer of oil to protect it.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Blackstone griddle stays in great shape for years to come.“`

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Do you have to season a Blackstone every year?

The process of seasoning a griddle is crucial for its maintenance and longevity. The seasoning layer not only protects the griddle from rust but also creates a nonstick surface for cooking. However, this layer wears out over time, and it is essential to maintain and replace it with a re-seasoning process. By doing so, you can ensure that your griddle remains in top condition and continues to provide you with delicious meals for years to come.

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Are Blackstone griddles better than grills?

If you’re in search of a cooking appliance that is both budget-friendly and effortless to clean, a Blackstone griddle could be the perfect choice for you. It’s ideal for preparing a variety of dishes, such as burgers, pancakes, and stir-fry. However, if you’re looking for a cooking appliance that offers more flexibility in terms of what you can cook and that classic grilled flavor, a gas grill might be a better option.

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What happened with Blackstone griddles?

Outdoor griddle cooking appliance manufacturer, Blackstone Products, has announced that it will be going public through a merger with Ackrell SPAC Partners I Co. (ackiu), a special-purpose acquisition corporation. The deal is valued at $900 million in pro forma enterprise value. This move is expected to bring more visibility to the company and help it expand its reach in the market.

Blackstone Products has gained a reputation for producing high-quality outdoor cooking appliances, and this merger is expected to further enhance its position in the industry.

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Why are griddles so popular?

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Why are flat top grills so popular?

If you’re looking for a cooking appliance that can handle a variety of dishes, a flat top is the way to go. Its expansive surface area provides ample space for cooking up pancakes, eggs, chicken, sausages, steak, and much more. Compared to a traditional grill, a flat top offers greater versatility and allows you to prepare a wider range of meals. Whether you’re cooking for a large group or just want to whip up a quick breakfast, a flat top is a great investment for any home cook.

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